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Youth Ministry Volunteers 

St. Barnabas Youth Ministry will be better with adult volunteers like YOU!

• A volunteer team can develop relationships with teens that just one youth minister might not be able to.  One Youth Minister cannot be the best friend or even a good friend to every teen in the parish or even just those active in the youth ministry.  It is not humanly possible.
• A volunteer team would undoubtedly encompass a variety of personality styles, skills, talents, interests, and faith expressions.  A team would therefore be more effective in reaching a diverse group of teens while also advocating for them.
• Jesus mission was not to reach out to all the people; He spent the majority of His time preparing a few, so ultimately they could minister to the many.  Jesus didn’t do it alone and He even sent the disciples out in pairs to spread the Good News.  The best Youth Ministers follow Jesus example, ministry is no place for Lone Rangers or want –to-be Heroes.
• I, the parish Youth Minister, need your support, your wisdom, and encouragement.  We need to energize and motivate one another.
• The teens need your love, support, and encouragement to:
- to affirm who they are today
- to discover who they are becoming
- to challenge them to be more
- to draw wisdom, courage and strength from our God

What does the Youth Ministry need in a volunteer?

Responsible and Committed Adults:  Well intentioned is not enough.  The ministry and the teens need follow through no matter what type of volunteering you agree to do.
Faith Filled Adults:  You do not have to be an expert in Theology and have all the “right” answers.  We simply need adults who are willing share their Catholic faith, be excited about their faith, learn more about their faith, and encourage the youth in their CATHOLIC faith.  
Relatable Adults:  We need adults who have good relational skills such as listening and conversing with both adults and young people and who recognize and practice appropriate boundaries.
Teachable Adults:  We need adults willing to learn about how to build a successful and meaningful youth ministry for our parish.  We need adults open to recognizing that our teens have much to offer and teach our faith community.
Adults with a sense of humor, patience, and love for young people and for our entire parish.

What would I have to do?  What is the time commitment?

There are three types of volunteers needed.  Each role is meaningful and brings a sense of joy and fulfillment to the volunteers serving in those roles.  One requires more of your time as well as your person, however the greater commitment and investment also brings the most personal joy, fulfillment, and meaning to your experience as a volunteer. 

“Occasional Volunteers” are those who do the invaluable service of carpool driving, coaching, chaperone Lock Ins, Great America, etc.   It is a great role to take on as it gives you ample opportunities to witness the teen’s experience of the Youth Ministry.  It is great role for adults who don’t have the availability to be a Faith Mentor or who want a less “hands on” role.

“Support Service Volunteers” are those who help behind the scenes at programming and events.  It requires more commitment than an “Occasional Volunteer” but not that of “Faith Mentors”.  The Support Service Volunteer are those who might arrange families to donate refreshments for an upcoming event, perhaps come and serve a meal at an event and then go home, join us just for “check-in”, set up, clean up, recruit volunteers, etc.  You typically do not have to commit to being present for an entire event or meeting as the “Occasional Volunteer” or “Faith Mentors” might.

“Faith Mentors” are adults who make a greater commitment to be a Constant Adult Presence for the youth.  The teens will come to recognize and know you and you will come to know them by name.  Your PRESENCE is everything.  You can’t mentor if you are not present and teens crave adults who are committed and present for them.  Faith Mentors spend more time building relationships with teens, and directing and leading activities for our youth.  It is a more hands on role which requires a greater commitment and training.  It also allows the adult a greater opportunity to impact the young people of our parish and in turn be personally enriched by their volunteer efforts.  Many “Faith Mentors” compare their experience to what the youth receive from their experience in the ministry, which is often a fire and enthusiasm for their faith and a personal growth and greater confidence in themselves.


Advisory Board:  In the fall of 2009 we will be creating an advisory board.

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Please Note:
  For the safety of our youth, there are a few Archdiocesan requirements for volunteers (and staff) working directly with children. These include:
1. Review and sign off on the Code of Conduct
2. Authorization for background check (CANTS form)
3. On-Line background check
4. Completion of Virtus Training 

Please CLICK HERE to download and print instructions for becoming an approved volunteer. 

If you have questions or need assistance completing these requirements, please contact Gail Byrnes @ 779-1166 or

We very much appreciate your time and generous support. Thank you!

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