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Youth Ministry Conducting Registrations NOW!

St. Barnabas has 400+ young people in the 6-12th Grades

St Barnabas Parish Youth Ministry has 265 active teens who participate in the life and mission of our Church via our parish Youth Ministry.  We see on average, about 45 teens in the convent each week for various programs and events.  

The St. Barnabas Youth Ministry is age appropriate, we have a Jr. High Youth Ministry which serves 6-8th grades and a High School Youth Ministry. THEY MEET SEPERATELY.  

The St. Barnabas Youth Ministry exists to support our 6th grade through High School age parishioners and their families to know God, to love God, and sto serve God, and to walk as disciples of Jesus as part of the life, mission and work of our parish family and beyond.  

For safety purposes all teens are required to register for the youth ministry prior to attending any program or activity.  For example, if you are interested in attending the open gym nights, Great America, etc. then you will need to have submitted a registration.  The registration is for safety and it allows us to plan and project what is needed for safety.  The registration fee supplements chaperone tickets for events like Fright Fest, bus fees when we don't completey fill a bus, equipment, and food which is offered at most youth ministry offerings.  

The registration form can be downloaded on the right side of this page.  The registration form and all event permission slips get returned to the Rectory marked "youth ministry".    Registrations are accepted throughout the year, however they will not be on hand at events.

Many myths exist about parish youth ministry in relation to time and those who attend Catholic Schools.  Click here for information about some of the common misconceptions about parish youth ministry.   

HIGH SCHOOL Co-Ed Sports Teams


The Co-Ed sports offered are not huge time committments, everyone plays and its JUST games, no practices.  We typically will only play one game a week.  It is perfect for just a night out to have fun. We compete against Catholic parishes on the Southside of Chicago and its Suburbs.  

You do not have to be experienced to play or be a sports fanatic. It is a great way for experienced as well as inexperienced players to get to be a part of a team sport. 

Each sport is played during an "off season" of high school sports.  For example, Basketball is a fall sport and Volleyball a winter sport so it will not conflict with your HS teams.   

Do you want to play Co-Ed Basketball? Registration is happening now. Permission slips are available at the rectory and the parish website.




St. Barnabas offers many opportunities for its teens to gather socially.  Each year we offer Fright Fest, Laser Tag, Movie Nights, Ski Trips, and more   Permission slips or links to RSVP for onsite events can be found on the Youth Ministry Current Events Page on the right hand side of the page.  


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Mission Trip 2018

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Girls of Grace

Parent Orientation

ONLINE  R. McDonald House Cookie Sign Up Coming Soon

ONLINE  R. McDonald House Meal Sign Up:  3 20187/2018 Dates available

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