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Service Opportunities

Altar Server Appreciation Mass  
Altar Server Appreciation Mass with Bishop Gustavo

Altar Servers

All St. Barnabas and Religious Education students in 6th through 8th grades are welcome to become Altar Servers. This ministry is very important to our parish community as they provide assistance at Sunday, weekday, and special masses. Direct participation in the functions of the mass, along with developing a relationship with priests, sacristans, and others who participate in the mass helps students develop an appreciation for the benefits of worshipping as a community.

Training sessions are provided for all new altar servers, along with a manual. Schedules are prepared quarterly and distributed quarterly. If you would like more information, contact Karen Lux.

Patrol Guards

Each year, 7th grade students volunteer to serve as Patrol Guards. The purpose of the student safety patrol is to assist in the safe conduct of students to and from school. They are supervised by a school staff member and typically assist at posts around the school building at various street corners to assist with crossing safety. Students share posts and are usually scheduled for patrol on a rotating schedule.

Dedication and responsibility are required from the student patrol guards who brave the elements to look out for the safety of other students in the parking lot and as they cross the streets on their way to and from St. Barnabas. They are rewarded for their hard work at the end of the school year with a fun-filled thank you party.

Other Opportunities

St. Barnabas students are encouraged to assist with events within our parish and to help others outside our parish community throughout the school year. Eighth graders prepare and serve a Holiday Luncheon for parish senior citizens.

St. Barnabas students provide help setting up for Parish special events such as the Fall Festival. Students can also assist with efforts to help the local food pantry by collecting donations for Harvest Sunday. These and other events provide our students with opportunities to grow in their faith through service.

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