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Admission Policy & Procedures


  • The student is a baptized Catholic.
  • Each student's family is pre-existing active parishioner in the parish at time of registration.
  • Student and family (or guardian) ordinarily live within the geographical boundaries of the parish.
  • Non Catholics are accepted under certain conditions:
    • Parents may be requested to participate in informational sessions regarding the Catholic faith and the religion curriculum offered at St. Barnabas; in addition, a parent also attends a session on the financial aspects of the school.
    • All students participate in all religious instruction and worship activities.
    • No student is required to become a baptized Catholic.
    • Parents understand the Church subsidy program and agree to current non-subsidized tuition policy.

At the time of registration, the parent or guardian must present the child’s original birth certificate and baptismal certificate.

All children entering the three-year-old program must be three on or before September 1st.  All children entering the four-year-old program must be four on or before September 1st of the current school year. All children entering the Kindergarten program must be five on or before September 1st of the current school year.

These basic requirements not withstanding, the Principal has the prerogative to decline acceptance of any student having behavior or disciplinary problems. Any other exceptions made by the pastor, in consultation with the principal for pastoral reasons, shall be reported to the Board annually.


West    East side of Western Avenue

North   South side of 97th Street

East     West side of Charles Street from 97th to 105th (even), West side of Vincennes from 105th to 107th (even)

South   North side of 107th Street


All students will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. However, priority will be given as follows:

  1. Brothers and sisters of students already enrolled in the school
  2. Registered Catholic parishioners
  3. All others


We welcome only those families who seek long-term placement for their child.

Beginning second trimester, in addition to the regular admission screening, any family planning to transfer their child must be a parishioner, pay the first two months of prorated tuition (non-refundable) upon registration, and participate in an interview with the principal.  Acceptance during third trimester will only be allowed in extreme circumstances with approval from administration.

It is our policy not to accept transfer students in 8th grade.  In rare instances the principal may make an exception to accomodate situtations such as nearby school closure.


St. Barnabas School is operated under the auspices of the Catholic Bishop of Chicago, a corporation sole, in the Archdiocese of Chicago. St. Barnabas School admits students and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, and gender, national or ethnic origin. All students are accorded the rights, privileges, programs, and admittance to activities available to students in this school.

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