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Tuition Assistance

Active Parishioner Subsidy

St. Barnabas Parish is dedicated to the religious and academic education and development of our children as witnesses of our Catholic beliefs.  Each year, as we announce the tuition schedule for the coming school year, we remind parents that the tuition income does not cover the entire cost of educating our children.  Students whose families are registered and active parishioners often chose to receive the Active Parishioner Subsidy towards their tuition.  Families who are not active parishioners, those who do not attend church, do not contribute financially, and do not share their time and talent with the parish and the school, cannot, in justice, be credited with this Subsidy for tuition.

This Subsidy reminds us of our commitment to be active parishioners and to continue to support the parish and the school in a generous, giving relationship.  In the spirit of the new vision and plan for the future of our parish, we want to remind the parents of our St. Barnabas children that we need your support and commitment to continue to provide an education that truly represents our Catholic values and our Parish's mission.

St. Barnabas School parents make a commitment:
  • To worship with the parish community frequently and to financially support the mission and ministry of St. Barnabas Parish.
  • To take an active role in the religious education of our children.
  • To participate in the activities of our parish and school.
  • To share time and talents with the Parish and the School.
St. Barnabas Parish and School are dedicated to finding ways to work together, to share our talents, and to create a strong and devoted community of faith.


Manna is a tuition reimbursement program designed to assist families with tuition costs. Participation is voluntary, but the rewards can be great! Family, friends and even prospective families can participate and bank credits to a future tuition bill of their choosing.

To get started, simply purchase certificates to use at stores (in place of cash) and receive a rebate of 2%-30% for those certificates, applied to tuition.

Here's an example of how Manna works:

  Sample Order:
Jewel $200 @ 4% credit = $8.00
Gas (many choices) $100 @ 2% credit = $2.00
Old Navy $40 @ 8% credit = $3.20
Fox's $50 @ 4% credit = $2.00
Total $390 (amt of order) $15.20 credit on your tuition bill for a week's order.

As you can see, the credits add up quickly over time and save you money on tuition.


  • Certificates are good at local as well as national chains, so out of town relatives can buy and use them as well as families on vacation.
  • Some certificates can be used for hotel, hair salon, catalog and on-line purchases.
  • Business percentages can go as high as 14%.
  • Expectant parents can bank credits for their future preschooler, potentially saving a bundle. So, please spread the good news.

Credits are issued twice a year, in July and again in January. Manna is organized and administered through the school by a parent. Please contact Sheri Jendra at for more details.


Parish families who wish to apply for financial consideration for the coming school year may obtain an application from the Rectory office or school office and submit it immediately or as an emergency occurs. A committee reviews and passes on these applications. Families are then contacted, and the amount of tuition payment is finalized. Book fees and Specials fee are not included in the Grant-in-Aid funds.

Grant-in-Aid monies are collected through the use of special “yellow” collection envelopes at church and personal donations to the Education Fund.

For more details, click Grant-in-Aid.

Tax Credit

The State of Illinois provides a tax credit of up to $500 for tuition and fees paid for students in K-12 based on a percentage of the amount paid in a calendar year. Parents will receive a statement in January for the tuition and fees paid during the previous calendar year.

Recently, the Illinois House and Senate passed an education funding bill that was signed into law by the governor. The law includes a provision for tax credit scholarships, which allows donors to support non-public school scholarships for students with financial need in the state.

There are limited scholarships available per region, so if you are interested, we suggest you apply soon. At the time of application you do not need to select your designated school. We are working with the state of IL and the Archdiocese to finalize eligibility for our families. We have completed all necessary steps for recognition with the state of Illinois and are confident that our school will qualify for this program.

Our recommendation would be to click on the link below to see if your household number and income qualify you to apply. If you are eligible to apply, the window opens on January 31.

Do I Qualify?:
How Do I Apply?
How Does it Work?

If you have questions regarding this new tax scholarship please contact Mrs. Gaffney at

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