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As with many private schools, fundraising plays a vital role in funding special activities for the children of St. Barnabas School. Your support of these programs is very much appreciated. School sponsored fundraising activities include:

  • Box Tops for Education - You can help our school by clicking this link, Box Tops and saving your box tops.
  • Good Search - You can help our school by clicking this link, Good Search
  • Target - You can help our school by enrolling your RED card today.
  • St. Barnabas Big Bucks Raffle, funds priority school needs, including new technology and technology upgrades, electrical panel replacement, asbestos abatement, hot water pipe replacement, refinishing of the gym stage floor and gym window tinting.  Since 2010 the Big Bucks Raffle has:

...raised $300,000 for St. Barnabas School
...minimized annual tuition increases
...eliminated a dozen small fundraisers
...funded the new ramp to the gym
...privided seed funds for the new park

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