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Contact a Staff Member

To contact a staff member by phone, dial the school office at (773) 445-7711, and request their extension.
You may also email a staff member by clicking on their email address below.





Principal Mrs. Elaine Gaffney 216 egaffney@stbarnabasparish.org
Assistant Principal Mr. Andrew Walsh 316 awalsh@stbarnabasparish.org
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Katy Duffy 214 kduffy@stbarnabasparish.org
Business Manager Mrs. Lisa Sarcinella 215 lsarcinella@stbarnabasparish.org
  Mrs. Sheri Jendra 215 sjendra@stbarnabasparish.org
Technology Director Mrs. Della Cushing 315 dcushing@stbarnabasparish.org
Communication Coordinator Mrs. Katie Sebby   ksebby@stbarnabasparish.org
Director of Service Learning
and Retreats
Mrs. Maryellen Harrington 773-429-9614 mharrington@stbarnabasparish.org
Director of Religious Education Matthew Furjanic  773-445-3450 mfurjanic@stbarnabasparish.org
Early Childhood
Preschool Mrs. Karen O'Hara 773-445-4407 kohara@stbarnabasparish.org
  Mrs. Kate Urchell 773-445-4407 kurchell@stbarnabasparish.org
  Mrs. Terese O'Keefe 773-445-4407 tokeefe@stbarnabasparish.org
Room 110 Mrs. Beverly Reynders 210 breynders@stbarnabasparish.org
Room 111 Mrs. Susan Foley 211 sfoley@stbarnabasparish.org
Grade 1
Room 103  Mrs. Patricia Clough 203 pclough@stbarnabasparish.org
Room 104 Mrs. Mary Aleman 204 maleman@stbarnabasparish.org
Room 112 Mrs. Heather Cleveland 212 hcleveland@stbarnabasparish.org
Grade 2
Room 105 Ms. Grace Sadowski 205 gsadowski@stbarnabasparish.org
Room 106 Ms. Kristin Brett 206 kbrett@stbarnabasparish.org
Grade 3
Room 107 Mrs. Elizabeth Hannigan 207 ehannigan@stbarnabasparish.org
Room 109 Mrs. Roseann Thomas 209 rthomas@stbarnabasparish.org
Grade 4
Room 108 Miss Kathleen Gallagher 208 kgallagher@stbarnabasparish.org
Room 202 Mr. Ryan Folliard 302 rfolliard@stbarnabasparish.org
Room 205 Ms. Katie Foulk 305 kfoulk@stbarnabasparish.org
Grade 5
Room 201 Ms. Maura Sheerin 301 msheerin@stbarnabasparish.org
Room 203 Mrs. Patrice Folliard 303 pfolliard@stbarnabasparish.org
Room 204 Mrs. Kathleen Ward 304 kward@stbarnabasparish.org
Grade 6
Room 207 Mrs. Jayne Douin 307 jdouin@stbarnabasparish.org
Room 208 Mrs. Kerry Kerr 308 kleary@stbarnabasparish.org
Grade 7
Room 213 Mrs. Maureen Preabt 313 mpreabt@stbarnabasparish.org
Room 206 Mrs. Brooke Fordice 306 bfordice@stbarnabasparish.org
Room 211 Mr. Andrew Baird 311 abaird@stbarnabasparish.org
Grade 8
Room 209 Mrs. Susan Shader 309 sshader@stbarnabasparish.org
Room 210 Ms. Lauren Ruth 310 lruth@stbarnabasparish.org
Room 212 Ms. Caitlin Kotarski 312 ckotarski@stbarnabasparish.org
Library Mrs. Renee Carroll 201 rcarroll@stbarnabasparish.org
Spanish Ms. Isabel Sanchez   isanchez@stbarnabasparish.org
Music Mrs. Corrine Morgan   cmorgan@stbarnabasparish.org
Art Ms. Natalie Malinowski   nmalinowski@stbarnabasparish.org
Computers Ms. Kathleen Davies   kdavies@stbarnabasparish.org
Physical Education Ms. Maureen Perazzolo 213 mperazzolo@stbarnabasparish.org
Project Match-302 Mrs. Deborah Fruth 402 dfruth@stbarnabasparish.org
Project Match-303 Mrs. Valerie Krukowski 403 vkrukowski@stbarnabasparish.org
Project Match-304 Mrs. Janice Michon 404 jmichon@stbarnabasparish.org
Project Match Mrs. Llora Sullivan   lsullivan@stbarnabasparish.org
Counselor Mrs. Corrine Morgan 314 cmorgan@stbarnabasparish.org
Teacher Aides Mrs. Gail Butcher   gbutcher@stbarnabasparish.org
  Mrs. Kerry Esselman   kesselman@stbarnabasparish.org
  Mrs. Cathy Holland   cholland@stbarnabasparish.org
  Mrs. Michele Mariotti   mmariotti@stbarnabasparish.org
  Mrs. Jamie Martin   jmartin@stbarnabasparish.org
  Mrs. MaryKay Gorman   mgorman@stbarnabasparish.org
  Ms. Judy Norris   jnorris@stbarnabasparish.org
  Ms. Julia Regan   jregan@stbarnabasparish.org
  Mrs. Lauren Roberts   lroberts@stbarnabaspaish.org
After School Program
Director Ms. Jan Butts aftercare@stbarnabasparish.org
Band Director Mr. Ken Stiak  708-430-3240
Strings Mrs. Judy Lei  judyleistrings@yahoo.com
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