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At Baptism, your child is welcomed with great joy into the larger Christian community, as well as into the parish family of Saint Barnabas. In this sacrament, the parish community and the entire Christian community promise to help you in nurturing the faith of your child. To schedule a Baptism or if you have any questions please call Geri Doherty at 773-779-1166 ex. 0.

Saint Barnabas also helps you, as parents, prepare for the baptism of your child.

Steps for having your child baptized

  • If this is you first child, you are required to take a Baptismal Preparation Class. Please call Geri Doherty at 773-779-1166 ex. 0, for a class schedule.
  • If your schedule does not coincide with class schedule, other arrangements can be made.

Requirements for Godparents

  • Godparents are to be at least 16 years old and confirmed Catholic. They should be practicing their faith and willing to support their godchild in a life of faith.

Date and Times of Baptisms

  • Baptisms may be celebrated at any of the weekend Masses.
  • Baptisms are also scheduled on the first and third Sunday of the month at 1:30 pm.
  • If there are special circumstances, we can assist you with other arrangements for baptism at St. Barnabas.

Adult Baptism

If you have questions about adult baptism (RCIA), please refer to Sacraments/RCIA.

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