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Human Concerns Mission Statement

The Human Concerns ministry is dedicated to continuing the work of Christ in helping and caring for those in need. The Commission coordinates the ministries that reach out to the parish community as well as those that reach out to the larger community. These ministries include pastoral care, respect life, social concerns and service, peace and justice initiatives, and evangelization. The commission strives to bring parishioners an understanding and knowledge of the various needs confronting us and others, so that we, as individuals and as a parish community, might help address those needs.

The Commission is responsible for the following:

  1. Helping to ensure that the parish recognizes its duties as a good steward to share its wealth with the larger world.
  2. Making sure the needs of the sick, homebound, and handicapped are being met through the Pastoral Ministry and network of pastoral ministers. This includes hospital and nursing home visits and responding to requests for the Eucharist and needs for prayer.
  3. Making sure the needs of those who are grieving are being met through the Pastoral Ministry, providing bereavement support and prayer.
  4. Communicating to the entire parish community the work of all of the outreach groups and organizations, as well as fostering a parish-wide awareness of each parishioner’s responsibility to recognize and serve those in need.
  5. Promoting programs and participating in special events that give witness to Christian love, show reverence to life and challenge injustice whether in our parish, in the neighborhood, or in the world.
  6. Providing support to groups that coordinate periodic service projects in the parish, such as blood drives; collections of food, clothing and/or money for the needy; or a response to national and international disasters.
  7. Welcoming new outreach projects.
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