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How We Work

In 2005, St. Barnabas Parish adopted a new structure designed to involve more parishioners, improve communication between all the ministries, and improve collaboration between priests, staff, lay leadership, and parishioners. At the core of the structure is the shared wisdom model where "All Are Welcome" and every member of Saint Barnabas is recognized as meaningful and significant to the parish as a whole.

The structure connects lay leaders, staff and the pastor in a collaborative model of partnership and shared leadership. Five commissions are responsible for setting goals as well as providing planning, direction and evaluation for their areas of parish ministry. All current and future parish committees and/or ministries fall into one of these commissions.

Implicit in and essential to the structure is the agreement that decision-making will occur at the appropriate level for the decisions being made. Decision-makers use the CDI method of decision-making -- Consult with others affected, Decide, and Inform others of the decision.

The Parish Council is formed directly from the commissions, two members from each, and also includes the pastor and one representative from the parish staff. The role of the Council is to work with the pastor in setting the vision and direction for the parish as a whole. It also serves as a link between the commissions and furthers communication among them.

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