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The Stewardship Committee is focused on building an exemplary stewardship program at St. Barnabas.  Stewardship starts with an understanding that all gifts come from God. Stewardship enables us to give back to God in proportion to how God has given to each of us.  As good stewards of this parish, we take responsibility for strengthening our faith community so that we can do God's work today and well into the future. 

Calendar of Stewardship Activities

The following is a summary of activities coordinated by the Stewardship & Development Committee for St. Barnabas throughout the year:

Annual Stewardship Renewal Program:  Parishioners are invited to pray, reflect, and decide how much time, which skills, and the amount of financial resources they will commit to the parish in the coming year. 
  Call to Ministry:  Through reflection and prayer, parishioners thank God for their unique talents and abilities and decide how they will share these gifts with the parish community.  
  Commitment Sunday: At Mass, parishioners come together to pray for the future of St. Barnabas and bring forward their Stewardship Renewal Pledge Cards. 
Call to Prayer:  Parishioners are  encouraged to participate in the Parish Mission.  Through a series of guided discussions, parishioners can deepen their faith and grow closer to God.

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