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Physical Resource Committee

The Physical Resource Committee reviews the facility needs of the parish as well as the maintenance and repair program for parish buildings and grounds, which include the church, school, rectory, convent and support buildings. This committee works with the parish’s administration to identify and prioritize major maintenance projects and improvements for the buildings, mechanical systems and grounds.

  • The committee is made up of parishioner volunteers with expertise in the areas of building trades (plumbing, electrical, roofing, construction, etc).
  • The committee meets on an as-needed basis throughout the year to discuss the repair, remodeling or reconstruction of parish facilities. The committee recommends desired courses of action. The committee also recommends and contacts contractors, requests and reviews bids (usually 3 bids are required), and when necessary, recommends an implementation plan. Implementation plans requiring parish resources over $10,000 are presented to the Finance Board for approval.
  • Committee responsibilities include:
    • Overseeing the assessment of the condition of parish and school buildings;
    • Preparing a five-year Physical Resource Plan that includes a projection of the repair and replacement needs of all parish facilities and grounds to assist in determining future maintenance and improvements;
    • Ensuring that all maintenance and repair work is performed in accordance with the St. Barnabas Construction Project Guidelines and Requirements.

All requests for changes to any of the parish buildings must be reviewed by the Physical Resource Committee. If the project is estimated to cost more than $10,000, it must be also approved by the Finance Board before work begins. 
Review Five-Year Physical Resource Plan (Summary) or Five-Year Physical Resource Plan (Complete).

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