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First started in 1984, the St. Barnabas Grant-In-Aid (GIA) Program was established to assist families of St. Barnabas students who, because of financial hardship, are unable to meet tuition costs and might therefore be deprived of a Catholic school education. GIA is funded by contributions to the Education Fund by means of the yellow Education Fund envelopes provided to parishioners on a monthly basis. GIA also receives a portion of the profits from Market Day sales.

GIA funds are allocated to those with the greatest need. The committee reviewing applications for assistance (GIA Committee) relies on information provided on the application as well as copies of the applicant’s most recent tax return. All information is confidential. Indeed, even the names of the committee members are kept confidential so as not to threaten the confidentiality of the process.

Members of the GIA Committee serve for a three-year term. Two members are appointed by the Parish’s Finance Board and one by the School Board.  All three appointments must be approved by the Pastor. At the end of the three-year term, committee members may be reappointed or new members appointed.

In considering individual requests for assistance, the committee also considers the family’s participation in parish and school activities. Although the committee may consider whether the applicant regularly participates in weekly liturgies and contributes to the parish, the committee does not consider the amount of offerings.

An application for assistance must be submitted by March 31st along with the school registration, required registration fees and a current federal tax return. For more information about GIA, please contact Gail Byrnes, Business Manager, at 773-779-1166.

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